Smog over London

The Special Consulting Constabulary

There is a small outfit that often appear on Scotland Yard’s pay books; usually under the ‘other’ or ‘unspecified services rendered’ section of the ledger. Sometimes in unusual cases, the police reports are censored or lost entirely however every so often someone, somewhere discloses a few facts. These texts identify this small unknown group as the ‘Special Consulting Constabulary’.

Little information is known about them. Until now no one has taken an interest in the SCC.
In truth the SCC is as far from mundane as the Yard would like you to believe. They are a small body of civilians, that to consult on unusual cases. They seem to keep a small office on the outskirts of Greater London. This small office is lies in ‘Ramsey House’, a stately manor once belonging to the, now deceased, Ramsey Family.

The de-facto group receive police input from Detective Sergeant Frank Aberline, their liaison with Scotland Yard. Currently the SCC has six members:

Sir Drake Templeton- Lord and safari hunter. Holds a number of remarkable trophies.

Wilberforce- Templeton’s Manservant, incredibly loyal and long serving. Seems to come from a long family of manservants who curiously seems to pass the position and name down also.

Alistair Butler- Physician, rumours speak of his use of opiates.

Esmerelda- Gypsy fortune-teller.

Miranda- Owner of several ‘gentleman’s clubs.’ Renowned as being a pleasure mistress.

Lady Victoria- Lady from an ancient family. Often noted for several eccentricities including travelling in a windowless carriage and not often being seen outside.


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