Pascal’s Fusel de venin

weapon (ranged)

Blasé Pascal designed this contraption in 1654; upon his death the plans where lost, later to be found by Karl Benz, a German engineer who built a prototype. The contraption uses compressed air to fire a small glass vessel at a target; due to the external pressures upon the vessel, on hitting the vessel collapses and it’s contents are administered through a small hypodermic needle. The exact effects of course depend upon the contents of the vessel.

Due to the use of compressed air this contraption is significantly quieter than traditional fire arms. Benz, showing traditional German ingenuity, showing traditional German ingenuity, modified the original plans to allow the contraption to be deconstructed into several parts for easy transport.

Range Damage RoF Weight Shots Notes
5/10/20 3d6 1 15 1 The rifle may must be assembled before use (2 turns) agility check to assemble in one turn. 1 action to reload.

Steampunk sniper rifle 5 by steampunk22


Pascal’s Fusel de venin

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