The Covenanters

The Covenanters are a nefarious group of criminals. They are involved in several syndicates and schemes throughout the city. The group has a curious involvement in the body snatching business; they often act as a broken between undertakers and universities. Interestingly enough, it has also been reported that the Covenanters keep more of the bodies than they sell.

The Convenanters had two ‘safe houses’; one in the slums of St Giles and a second in Jacob’s Island. Both of these areas are renowned as being incredibly dangerous areas, where even the police fear to tread. The safe house in St Giles was burned down during an incident with SCC member Drake Templeton and his butler Wilberforce.

Notable Figures

The Covenanters are lead by a mysterious individual known only as The Faceless Man. No one from outside the organisation knows the Faceless Man’s Identity, and few within the lower levels have even seen him. Regardless of his identity, the Faceless Man rules over his followers with a single-minded devotion ruling through terror.

The Faceless Man
Thomas the Covenanter

The Covenanters

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